Will Voorhees Photography

William Voorhees is a 22 year old Computer Science Senior at the University of MN -Twin Cities. He was raised on a farm in rural Appleton and it was on the drive to and from Lac qui Parle Valley High School that he first became fascinated with the natural beauty of nature: clouds in particular. This fascination sparked his interest in photography. Will has continued his education in photography with courses and seminars at the University and he is a member of the U of M Dark Room Club.

Although natural beauty continues to be a major theme of Will's work, he has begun expanding his subjects to other areas. Will has been the photographer for the Minnesota American Legion Boy State program for four years and some of his photographs display a patriotic theme.

Will's photographs have been displayed at Terrace Mill, Central Square, Hopkins Center of the Arts, American Legion Posts, public libraries, private collections, and now at the Prairie Renaissance Cultural Alliance gallery in Morris.

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